Flaten is a nature reserve and lake in the suburban area of Skarpnäck, in Stockholm, Sweden. This beautiful lake area is home to Democratic Nature, a unique project that brings together partners from science, theatre, education and government to look at the sustainability and governance of the area.

In 2016, Boho were company-in-residence at Flaten with partner Miljöverkstan, who deliver experience-based learning opportunities for school children and programs for newly arrived immigrants.

Over two month-long residencies, in collaboration with designer Gillian Schwab and sound artist Nick McCorriston, Boho developed a new participatory performance work, to be installed in the gallery space by Flaten lake. The game brings together participants to explore the different systems at play in the area - ecological systems, social systems and governance systems.


From a hands-on history of the region from the Ice Age, through to an exploration of Flaten's future, Democratic Nature is designed to facilitate conversations about the value of nature in Sweden's future.